A whole world of stock trading without stocks 🤔

Did you know you can invest in gold and diamonds like stocks? 💎

One of these is called commodities!

A commodity = physical good that is traded on the market 🏬Examples of include oil, gold, and corn 🛢️🌽💰

Commodities are bought and sold based on their price and demand on the market 💸

Investors can invest in commodities through ETFs on the stock market! 🧺These ETFs track the price of the commodity or futures contracts ⏰

Investing in commodities can be risky because their prices can be affected by things like weather and political events 🌧️🌪️

A nationwide drought can ruin the supply of corn 🌽

But, for some investors, the potential rewards of investing in commodities can outweigh the risks 💸

Here are some common commodity ETFs:

🥇Gold ($USO or $GLD), 🌽Corn ($CORN)

There are also commodity ETFs that follow companies involved in the industry, like $WDIV that tracks diamond mining companies 💎😮

Before investing in commodities, do your research to determine if it's right for your investment goals 🤔

Now you can tell all of your friends that you know how to profit off of gold 📈

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