Real Estate

Everything can be an investment, especially your house 🏘️

Real estate is actually an investment, beyond just your home! 📈

It’s the buying and selling of land, buildings, or properties 🏘️

Investors can rent out property to tenants (or on AirBnB) or by selling it at a higher price than they paid for it 💰

Just like stocks 😮And, you can, of course, live in the property 🏠

The value of real estate is determined by location, demand, and the condition of the property 🏙️

If you want to live there, others may too & vice versa! 🌟

Real estate can provide a steady source of income through rental payments and can grow in value over time 💰

But, it can require a huge amount of money! 💸

Buying a house is not cheap and a tenant is never guaranteed 👀

If you can’t buy a house right now, you can look into “real estate investment trusts” or “REITs” 🏘️

REIT = a company that owns and manages many properties under one stock 📈 REITs are the ETFs of the investing world 🏘️

Investing in a REIT allows you to own a piece of a real estate growth without having to personally buy and manage land 💰

Before investing in real estate, make sure to do your research and carefully consider your investment goals and risk tolerance 🤔

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