Cash Equivalents

Need some extra cash, but don't want to sell your investments? 💸

So, investing typically happens over a long period of time 🥱

And even though you should NEVER invest funds you absolutely need, sometimes we all make mistakes 😮

Cash equivalents can help you out 📈

They are short-term investments that can easily be converted into cash 💰

Cash equivalents are for keeping money safe and secure as is! 💵

So, they’re not ideal for investors who are looking to grow their money long term 💰

There are 3 types of cash equivalents 3️⃣

1️⃣ Short-term bonds = bonds that mature in one year or less 📅

2️⃣ Money market = mutual funds that invest in short-term debt securities, like short-term bonds and CDs 🏦

3️⃣ CDs = investments with a set term and fixed interest rate, and are issued by banks and other financial institutions 💿

Now you know about an investment asset designed to turn into cash 😎

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