Invest In What You Know

Picking your first stock can feel scary! Well, here’s a great way to start 👉

The stock market may feel overwhelming, but you may already know some of its most popular companies 👀

Who makes the device in your hand, or the shoes you wear? Which website do you watch TV shows on? 🤔

One effective way of picking your first stock is to choose from the companies you already interact with every day 📝

Try listing 5 of your favorite companies right now 🖐️

Maybe you thought of Apple, Starbucks, Nike or Netflix!

Well, these are all public companies you can invest in 🤯

The insight you have as a customer is a superpower when it comes to investing 💪

After all, you know how much you like a company's products, how popular they are with your friends and family, how people perceive their brand, and more 🛍️

Next, take note of how much you personally like each company & how much money their products cost 🤔

Then, look up each company in Bloom by going to the Discover page 🔍

Here you can explore company news, risk ratings, and even what analysts think 👀

Finding companies you already know is only the first step.

Next, Bloom will teach you how to research stocks to see if they're good investments or not ✅

Test your knowledge

Which of the following is useful when evaluating a company?

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Customers of a company have a unique sense of. . .

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You can start with 5 favorite companies and. . .

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