How Much to Invest

There's a lot of stocks out there with different prices 🤔 Here's how you should approach deciding how much to invest

On Bloom, you can buy a stock for as little as $1! 💰

This makes stocks affordable, but it also gives you the responsibility to decide how much money you want to invest 🤔

Realistically, you’ll invest out of a dedicated pool of money you set aside for investing 🥳

Here’s how to determine how much you should set aside 👉

First, and most importantly, never invest more than you can afford to lose 🦺

This means you should avoid depositing funds that you might want to spend in the next month or two on things like rent, food, or any other expense 🤔

Next, try to put aside money regularly 💸

This could look like depositing $20 every week ✅

How much are you comfortable investing every week? 🤔

Jot this down and consider setting up a “recurring deposit” on Bloom to automatically set aside funds for investing 💪

You can start by picking a percentage of your savings or income 🔣

Some experts suggest investing 10% of your income, while others say up to 50% 👀

The real answer is that it depends on what your expenses and risk tolerance are, so just pick something that feels comfortable for you 😎

So in summary: take a look at your savings, allowance or job income and either decide on a flat amount to contribute regularly, or a percentage! 🎉

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