What is a Stock?

Let's find out what a stock is, and how you can make money from them.

A stock is a slice of ownership in a company. 🍕

When you buy a stock, you’re buying a small piece of a real company, and you become a part-owner of the company 🤯

You can buy stocks of many different companies, including some you may already know like Apple or Nike.

Try clicking the company names to view their stock pages on Bloom! ⬆️

As a part-owner, or investor, in a company, you hope that your company can grow so that you can grow your money alongside it 🚀

But how does your money actually grow?

Just like with anything else you buy, every stock has a stock price, which represents the value of a single “share”, or piece, of stock. 🌱

Stock prices can go up and down every day, so the value of your investment can also change every day — sometimes by a lot! 👀

If your stock's price goes up, then your investment also increases in value 🤑

Ultimately, stocks are one of the best investments for building long-term wealth, having grown on average 10% per year in the last 30 years! 💰

Bloom will teach you how to evaluate and choose stocks to buy, different types of stocks and other important concepts to help you start your investing journey 🧠

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