Why Invest?

Instead of working to earn money, let money work for you!

Did you know that you can make money while you’re sleeping?

Well, say hi to investing! 👋

💡Investing = buying anything that can increase in value over time

like sneakers, houses, or stocks 🤑

It’s hard to get rich only by saving because you’ll only grow your money by working more, or spending less 😥

But by investing, your money can work for you and grow on its own 📈

For example, if you save $30 / month from age 18, you would have $16,000 by age 65 👀

Not bad, but...

Investing $30 / month into stocks from age 18 can become $380,000 * by age 65! 🤯

* assuming a 10% annual return

Investing takes time, patience and discipline 🌳

but it’s the best way to build long term wealth and Bloom will teach you how to invest like a pro 🤝

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Investing is buying anything that...

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